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Find Your Security Soulmate

After combined decades of experience in the Security Industry, Guard Guru has seen all types of security companies. Big & small, simple & complex, growing & static. Most importantly what we’ve seen is what a difference customer service can make in the security industry. Contracting clientele & retaining them can be equally monumental tasks.

Designed & Developed for Agile Ease of use by anyone Connected to the Security Industry. Property Managers, Locksmiths, Alarm Services, Uniform Services, Emergency Glass Repair & Training Academies. Two Employees or over a Million; Coast to Coast, Around the World, or Simply the Best in Town. Let Guard Guru be there to help Find Your Security Soulmate!

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Guard Guru Company Directory

Finding Your Security Soulmate starts with the Guard Guru Company Directory. Guard Guru Company Directory listings are a combination of Guard Guru managed data & security company accounts. The Company Directory is the nexus of all other tools on Guard Guru, most importantly being Security Services & Service Areas that power your success.

Finding the right security company can be just as daunting as becoming the right security company. Whether the right company is one that best fits a bottom line or is most responsive to security needs. Curating the collection of the “right companies” & cultivating long term business relationships. This is where Guard Guru is changing the game in security services.

Company Directory

Guard Guru Jobs & Careers

Guard Guru Jobs & Careers is designed to be a unique & useful tool to assist Security Professionals & Security Employers find their Security Soulmate. Security Professionals can search broadly for a new job opportunity, or a job that fits their skillsets. Including Highly Specialized Certifications, Entry Level, Law Enforcement & Prior Military Experience.

Guard Guru Job & Career search results will allow Security Professionals to view the company profile, save the opportunity for later viewing & apply for available positions directly on Guard Guru Security Professionals can build multiple Search Profiles to help find the exact employment opportunities to fit varied levels of expertise & regional licensing.

Jobs & Careers

Guard Guru License Monitoring

Guard Guru is the industry leader in BSIS License Monitoring. The highly regulated California Bureau of Security & Investigative Services maintains meticulous records for Security Guards, Training Facilities & Industry Managers. Guard Guru offers live license monitoring & status change notification services on all BSIS license types.

In Addition, Guard Guru offers Custom Live License Monitoring for for any expirable licenses or certifications not publicly or otherwise easily accessible. Add, edit & monitor custom licenses for employee records as needed. Guard Guru offers live license monitoring & status change expiration services on all custom licenses.

License Monitoring

Guard Guru Accounts

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Learn More About Guard Guru Security Professional Accounts

Security Professionals

Built By Security Professionals for Security Professionals.

Guard Guru was designed by Security Professionals from all kinds of different industry backgrounds to help other Security Professionals Find Your Security Soulmate. Secure employment, get security training & meet like minded individuals. Security Professionals make the Security world go around. Learn more about the Security Professional Accounts.

Security Professionals
Guard Guru Security Companies

Security Companies

Just the Beginning for Guard Guru Security Companies.

Guard Guru was designed to be specifically to serve the Security Industry with useful tools to maximize efficiency from small businesses to security industry leaders. See how Guard Guru can help Find Your Security Soulmate. Guard Guru knows agility is as important as efficiency in a heavily diversified & sporadically regulated industry.

Security Companies
Security Customers

Security Customers

The Perfect Solution for Security Service Proposals.

Living up to the Guard Guru Guarantee that anyone can Find Your Security Soulmate, includes the ever important security customers. Search specifically for the services & locations to fit security needs. Guard Guru is an easy solution for the first time security client & an efficient solution for the experienced property manager.

Security Customers
Proprietary Security

Proprietary Security

Secure Specialized Talent from the Security Industry.

Large retailers, hospitality, live event venues & other Proprietary Security employers can Find Your Security Soulmate on Guard Guru. Proprietary Security is the often forgotten about sub-industry when considering security. Non-Security Companies with internal security employment needs will find Guard Guru a useful tool.

Proprietary Security
Non-Security Companies

Security Tangents

Connect with Security Company Customers on Guard Guru.

Lockmsiths, Emergency Glass, Specialty Installers & Security focused Software developers can utilize Guard Guru to Find Your Security Soulmate. Security Companies find great peace of mind in knowing what services will loyally answer the phone at three in the morning. Preferably long before they need to make the calls no one wants to make.

Security Tangents